First off, most people are walking around in a constant state of psychosis or neurosis. If it's not alcoholism it's stimulant reliance if it's not that then it's benzos rotting their memory if it's not benzos it's some other downer to cope with their miserable existence if it's not downers it's anti-depressants if it's not anti-depressants it's anti-psychotics if it's not anti-psychotics it's porn if it's not pom it's food if it's not food it's weed if it's not weed it's video games if it's not video games it's the gym if it's not the gym it's books if it's not books it's social media if it's not social media than it's gambling. No matter who it is, if it's you or me or the stranger at the grocery store or your mother or your father, everybody is busy doing something that makes them not objective observers of reality. Everybody is dysfunctional and pathetic in some way. Some more than others, some a lot more than myself, but everybody has blind spots. This is not to excuse blind spots, and you should constantly be trying to figure out where you have blind spots and try to figure out how to address the issues or imbalances that are causing them which will in turn fix the blind spot, but rather to point out that these blind spots exist and are huge and common. What this haze of mediocre irrationality means is that surviving is only as hard as you make it. In my life I have met so many utter morons who are doing extremely well because they are good at one thing and avoid making serious mistakes. Not repeating serious mistakes is the key to surviving, not being good at anything. Even people with Down's syndrome can survive and live a life of relative luxury as long as they don't murder or rape somebody. If retarded people can get away without being a productive member of society or finding a cure for cancer then you can as well. Life is essentially a video game on easy mode, especially if you are born in a first or second world country, doubly so if you're a male who pretty much doesn't have to worry about their personal safety or be on guard 24/7 like women who are aware of reality are. Life is only as hard as you make it. Another important thing to realize is that you are not special. I am not special. Nobody is special. Some people do more than other people. Some people are richer than other people. Some people are better looking than Other people. Some people are smarter than Other people. But, at the end of the day, any individual person could die and not much would ever really change. Sure, big events or inventions might not happen or might happen at a later date, but what's going to happen is going to happen eventually, whether or not you or I are the ones who do them. Odds always win out over the long term, even when they lose in the short term, and the environment sets the odds for what is a successful strategy in life, in a community, and in a country. Realizing that the world is going to do what the world is going to do regardless of what you do frees you up to do what you know benefits you without having any guilt of thinking that you are some savant genius savior anointed misunderstood saint. Furthermore, understand that there is no honor in pointless struggle. Honor is a meme that people who want you to do things that they won't do themselves push. That is why there are awards and fancy titles and ribbons for people who risk their lives in retarded wars for international profit hungry mercenary organizations who make an ungodly amount of money selling weapons, trading drugs, and running sex slaves all while pretending to be involved in some noble patriotic business. Self respect is not a lie, and you should never do things that harm yourself pointlessly. Part of self respect is realizing that, no, you don't have to go be a fry cook at McDonald's and be the bitch to some overweight pervert manager who ogles all the high school aged girls that work on his shift. You don't need to have the approval of anybody just for the sake of approval, and most people who go out of their way to show disapproval Of you are losers who are trying to make themselves feel better about being pathetic morons with no real future outside of being a slave to somebody else. If you don't want to do something, don't do it. It's as simple as that. Once you fully realize that most people are spineless mimics with no real willpower or direction, then you will also realize that most people will never follow through with any threats and will never force you to do anything you refuse to do, as long as you are smart with how you refuse to do what you don't want to do. Realize that the more somebody wants show they're a good person, the worse they probably are. I don't mean worse as in mean, I mean worse as in sexual predator, physically or mentally abusive, lazy, or backbiting. Social games of holiness are generally played by slimy people with nothing better to do with their time who envy people who are actually busy putting in hours of time helping people. Unfortunately for innocent and naive people who mean well, the people who are worst suited to lead and promote themselves into positions of influence and stature are most often the people who do so, and do so effectively. Consider that you don't need much at all to survive. You don't need high speed internet. You don't need a nice car. You don't need a nice apartment. You don't need social approval. You don't need literacy. You don't need to have three meals a day. You don't need nice clothes. You don't need a lot of money. You don't need to do almost anything in order to not die. Anything you do that is not the bare minimum is something you are choosing to do in order to get something that you don't actually need. It's up to you to figure out what you are doing extra work for, then figure out if that extra work is actually worth the time and energy you are spending to get it. Most of all, realize that everybody can be tricked and scammed. You can be scammed very easily. I know I can be scammed very easily. One of the biggest scams there is: tricking people into thinking they're different and more