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For Dogs


For Dogs

#CLEARPILLED#CLEARPILLED#CLEARPILLED#CLEARPILLED#CLEARPILLED#CLEARPILLED#CLEARPILLED girls wanna rape me, boyfriends hate me If you fold a dominos in half you can make a "calzone." empleyee of the year at Durgasoft Frankie MacDonald is my favorite person It's hard to always feel the same Tomboy bass pro shop pyramid Niggas be like.. actually i dont know what niggas be like i havent had a conversation in years Coping hard or hardly coping italian goth girl Criticizing people for doing the exact same things i do but it’s different when i do it Stop eating raw meat you scaring the hoes Ok for real but why do bed frames exist. think about it. when i grow up i just want to become Martin Cabello III bitches be like yeah i beat doom eternal on ultra nightmare the elites in my eyes are the gas station workers who take my money and give me cigarettes, providing that service makes them elite yo mama so ugly she been on discord for 5 years and hasnt been groomed #CLEARPILLED Venting about my life via Doge memes on Reddit I went to the hospital and got diagnosed.... I just tested positive for FATCOCK-19. If we hung out on 4th of July please get tested. My life is like an obnoxiously long birdman track intro These bitches need to hex themselves a job Me and all my friends at the 10pm Ninga Turtle movie brother HH I fucking hate narcs Quarantine? More like quaran time . may allah bless you . Bismililah la ilah ila Allah mohmamadon rasol allah allahu ackbar There is no left or right. Your identity is cope. Niggas be like.. actually i dont know what niggas be like i havent had a conversation in years damn... #rundaop Your son needs to Google some Swag because the lil nigga got no drip 😜 duDe have you seen Com and see dude have you seen come and see dude have you seen Come and See?? As soon as you realize money is just the incarnation of things you dislike you can predict it = CASH take me down to the paradise city where the grass is weed and the girls have titties bareback steakhouse beers n queers shrimp on a bobby yeah im draining so what? you got a problem? On a stack ?? he twisted ?? ,the only hate I hold in my heart is for people who dont get bladee. Former comet pizza delivery driver Any parent that doesnt give their children 6000 IUs of Vitamin D supplements daily should probably be put in prison I am gyro, but don't think I'm better than you, I got my own spirit, you should 2. Having lucid daydreams where I begin spree killing pedophiles and traffickers.. this is silly as I would never seek to make my directionless soul righteous through eradicating genuine unambiguous evil that walks shoulder to shoulder with good salt of the earth people. Life isnt a movie so I should probably just take a nap and never try to make the world a better place by doing that. *lifts head out of a bathtub i've been submersed in for 2 1/2 minutes* yeah i listen to james ferraro how could u tell? Some people are pessimest's but me? im looking forward to the meth based economy. Anthony Fantano might actually be retarded, If I ever find myself in possession of a decent amount of wealth I will commision a marble statue to be crafted in Eminem_Vev0's honor Grab life by the balls and never stop stabbing GATOR WEDNESDAY BABY GATOR WEDNESDAY BABY GATOR WEDNESDAY BABY GATOR WEDNESDAY BABY GATOR WEDNESDAY BABY GATOR WEDNESDAY BABY GATOR WEDNESDAY BABY GATOR WEDNESDAY BABY tribute 2 the brave yemeni houthi warriors(real yemenis)..............death to al saud. her: your white fragility is showing me: i think you'll find it's quite hard actually Always be thankful for any beating you catch. It's a dog eat dog world out there. A very special boy...no hate 2 any1,, just chilling,, 🆗 Imagine if 2016 actually ended Communist bitches acting like they know theory bitch the only theory you should learn cooking theory those eggs are mad overcooked All workers are sex workers "how about i invent a bullet to go through your head at thanksgiving dinner" -thomas edison There's only so much a man (tall and cute and sweet) like me can take Fuck it one struggle Making "X is not a personality" memes is not a personality The kids are gay cause they dont watch enough sports Gorillaz is dj khaled for gifted kid burnouts. People with a high verbal iq vs people with a soul I believe that my brain is getting more oxygen than normal. Perhaps it's my increase in both raw meat & garlic consumption. Anyone else would say they feel alive if suddenly put in my shoes, but I feel only the polar opposite. I feel like I am dead. Dead, roaming but not rotting. I'm bound by zero consequence, terrified for everyone around me. I'm not worried for myself though, because I'm quickly accepting that whatever happens to me, however bad it may be, is supposed to happen. Admittedly, this is due to some light spiritual reading I've done as of late. Parts of the genre are wise, other parts are horseshit. My 5g tolerance is too high whens the 6g hitting Bitches be trying to make a career out of streaming and be like dont watch my stream it makes me nervous I don't get enough credit for my perfect facial structure. I think 5G makes you suck cock. We haven't actually elected a president since Jefferson Sometimes I just pull this image up and stare at it until I get mad enough that my body temperature changes. EATIN EGGS BENNYS GETTIN HEAD IN THE DENNYS If the whole MeToo movement has proven anything, it's that rapists are funnier, smarter, and more successful than the rest of us i can put up 6 plates no spot Slavery is literally still real and unless you're sitting at the table with all the bankers and the baby rapers you're at the bottom of the pyramid pushing rocks up a hill. We need to reanimate thomas sankara Maybe it was me who was fukin up Anyone who uses "empath" to describe themselves is probably a maligned animal abuser. you can extrapolate this out to just about anyone who self labels themselves with something ""wholesome"". Everyone in west virginia is a pedophile Run da op fuck a mask WE CAN HAVE ROME AGAIN IF YOU BREAK ENOUGH BMW WINDOWS Being British is an intellectual disability I will break into your house and make you feel unsafe I don't need to read a thread or reddit post or watch a youtube video to know how to think. I feel it in my gut and soul that this world is shit and you're part of the problem. Imaging having to wake up and be the owner of this account Hey @BarackObama try this on for size bitch Big gulp full of hennessy *duracell commercial voice* if you think all tomboy poasters are the same, consider this There's something cool about chilling Did it hurt when u fell from the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down? White saviour industrial complex We need to return to tradition but in order to do so I first need your full name, adress, and for you to state your most fringe beliefs. Good clean fun (for San Diego Padres fans, like me) Is this what psychosis feels like Guy shat himself shooting up behind dumpster near my place ??fuck NYC man. my whore mom keeps throwing away the cereal prizes and San Diego Padres Fans Community Advocate Robert?? liked your tweet Discord users be like grooming? thats a spook Everyone on the internet is dumb because all the cool people get banned. It's funny to think about men a generation ago out in fields farming or building houses, then now dancing around with a headset on in a room lit by dual monitors and a RBG keyboard I love how irrelevant nerds who never act on their politics irl think there’s folks out there trying to subvert and spy on them. Subvert and spy on what? Your discord server?  Italian goth girl ITALIAN GOTH GIRL feel like homer. donuts in the rover Im the guy that runs up behind people on Maury dressed as peaches and shit Italian old country buffet Im a dog and the internet is the hot parked car ive been locked in Thats very hyperborean of you sweaty anyone who ive been around in past just know that you are in my thoughts throughout the day everyday u are my only family i just have severe mental problems (ok for some it might be like every 2 days im being honest here ok)i am sorry in the most sincere way a poisoned person can be. (REAL ✅REAL ✅REAL 🙏) UMM...HI MARKUS RUHL AT THE 2002 NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS... THE CLOZAPINE JUST AINT HITTIN LIKE IT USED TO injecting JAV titles directly into my brain “BUY DRUGS”, “STEAL A GUN” “EXPRESS YOURSELF” https://www.d3vur.com/product/templeos-cia-plate-carrier-vest-glow-in-the-dark/ Living? our servants will do that for us. sitting? our dumpers will do that for us I just flew into chicago and boy are my arms tired ( i was beating the shit out of myself in business class) My sons locked in his room listening to ecco2k and cum town again I think it would be depressing to be one of those people where your life gets worse instead of getting better.. myg0t owns land in pakistan, covert stuff I need to fail. When good shit happens it hurts. Permanently stuck in 2016 it's all cap we deadass not even here Start taking Zinc supplements and shut up Just stole childlike innocence from the exhumed remains of a degraded and tortured humanity Defund my freakin wife RIP 3PAC Don't you know your children love you?... don't you know...? 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